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Vehicle Roll Prevention Function (Automatic transaxle)

Vehicles with i-stop are equipped with a vehicle roll prevention function. This function prevents the vehicle from rolling, such as when releasing the brake pedal while on a slope under the following conditions:

  • During idling stop (prevents the vehicle from rolling back)

  • When starting from a stop (prevents the vehicle's sudden movement due to vehicle creep)

    The braking force is maintained automatically when the brake pedal is released and the engine is restarted.



The vehicle roll prevention function is a supplementary function which operates for a maximum of four seconds after releasing the brake pedal when starting the vehicle after the vehicle is stopped with the i-stop function operating:

  • Over reliance on the system may result in an unexpected accident if the vehicle were to suddenly accelerate. Before starting to drive the vehicle, always confirm the safety of the surroundings and operate the selector lever, brake pedal, and accelerator pedal appropriately.

  • The vehicle could roll unexpectedly depending on the vehicle's load or if it is towing something. Note that the vehicle may move suddenly after the vehicle roll prevention function is released while the vehicle is under the following conditions:

    (The selector lever is in the N position.)

    If the selector lever is shifted to the N position and the brake pedal is released while the i-stop function is operating, the brake force is gradually released. To accelerate the vehicle, release the brake pedal after the engine restarts and shift the selector lever to a position other than the N position.

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  • When the vehicle is stopped on a steep grade, the vehicle roll prevention function does not operate because the idling stop does not operate.

  • The brake pedal response may change, sound may occur from the brakes, or the brake pedal could vibrate from the operation of the vehicle roll prevention function. However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

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