If the Active Bonnet Activates, Does Not Activate

If the active bonnet activates

The active bonnet activates under the following conditions:

  • If the front of the vehicle hits a pedestrian or obstruction while the vehicle is being driven at a speed sufficient to activate the system, the system will activate if a certain amount of impact is applied in a collision even though no trace may remain on the front bumper. In addition, it may activate depending on the level of impact from even a light object, small animal, or other small object.

  • The system may also activate if the lower part of the vehicle or the front bumper receives an impact from one of the following situations:

    • The vehicle hits a curb.

    • The vehicle falls into a deep ditch or hole.

    • The vehicle bounces and hits the ground.

    • The front, bottom part of the vehicle contacts the slope of a parking garage, the surface of an even, undulating road, or a protruding or fallen object on the road.

Situations in which the active bonnet may not activate

The active bonnet may not active in the following situations as an impact would be difficult to detect.

  • The pedestrian gets hit at an angle or by the side areas on the left and right of the front bumper.

  • The vehicle hits a pedestrian who is carrying something such as a bag which can absorb the impact.

Situations in which the system does not activate

The active bonnet does not activate under the following conditions:

  • The front bumper gets hit while the vehicle is being driven at a speed insufficient to activate the system.

  • The vehicle gets hit from the side or the rear.

  • The vehicle rolls or turns over (the active bonnet may operate depending on the accident conditions).

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