Light Bulbs

Headlights (Low/High beam)

Headlights (Wide-range low beam)

Headlights (Low beam)

Headlights (High beam)

Running lights (Some Models)/Position lights

Front fog lights (Some Models)

Front direction indicator lights

Side direction indicator lights

Brake lights/Tail lights

Rear direction indicator lights

Reverse lights

Rear fog light (Left-hand drive model) (Some Models)

Rear fog light (Right-hand drive model) (Some Models)

Rear fog light (Some Models)

High-mount brake light

Number plate lights

Overhead lights (Front)/Map lights (Some Models)

Overhead lights (Rear) (Some Models)

Boot light (Saloon)

Luggage compartment light (Hatchback)


Never touch the glass portion of a halogen bulb with your bare hands and always wear eye protection when handling or working around the bulbs:

When a halogen bulb breaks, it is dangerous. These bulbs contain pressurised gas. If one is broken, it will explode and serious injuries could be caused by the flying glass.

If the glass portion is touched with bare hands, body oil could cause the bulb to overheat and explode when lit.

Always keep halogen bulbs out of the reach of children:

Playing with a halogen bulb is dangerous. Serious injuries could be caused by dropping a halogen bulb or breaking it some other way.


When removing the lens or lamp unit using a flathead screwdriver, make sure that the flathead screwdriver does not contact the interior terminal. If the flathead screwdriver contacts the terminal, a short circuit may occur.


  • To replace the bulb, contact an expert repairer, we recommend an Authorised Mazda Repairer.

  • If the halogen bulb is accidentally touched, it should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol before being used.

  • Use the protective cover and carton for the replacement bulb to dispose of the old bulb promptly and out of the reach of children.

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